External Win32 Call


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I have created a business function to call a external application using the
Win32 bit cmd.exe. However, I believe that I am running into a security
violation due to the following.

I am logged into Windows 2000 as user X and I am in OneWorld as the user Y.
When I call the business function, I believe that it fails due to my
OneWorld user doesn't have access to the folders in Windows.

If I am logged into Windows and OneWorld as user X, the external call works
with no problems.

Does anyone know how in C I can retrieve the current user security
information to pass into the CreateProcess API? Or does anyone know how I
can get around this problem for the ideal solution would be to call cmd.exe
as the user that is signed into Windows 2000.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Xe, SP 15.1, AS/400, Windows 2000 (Workstations and WTS (Citrix))
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