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Dear List,

We are currently in CRP and looking at interfaces from OW to various third party systems/applications.

We have devised a method of getting data from Oracle OW to an NT flat file and now want to get that file to a remote system - probably using FTP. Has anyone done this and what method was used - we would like to use the JDE scheduler to control when a job is called and make this job run some kind of batch FTP process - probably a .BAT call.

Can we do this? Is there a better way?

Any help would be great.

Andrew Stavordale
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We do something like this. We created a BSFN that basically allows
us to execute any kind of .exe or .sh on our UNIX box (in your case .exe or
.bat). An example is that we have a lot of EOM processes that we wanted to
automate (like running multiple batch jobs without having to go and submit
them individually or FTPing statements to an outside foldem/likem/stickem
company) so I created a new EOM form that has a bunch of buttons that use
the BSFN to call a bunch of scripts on the server. Makes life much easier
for the end users and coding a script has some advantages over trying how to
figure out how to get it to work inside of OW. Once you create something
like this though you have to make sure your security is tight or else you
might end up with someone writing a .sh or .bat that does a nice little
delete of you entire B7333 directory. :) In our case my BSFN takes a fully
qualified path to the script and then I can also pass in 9 parameters so
that I can set switches as needed. Good luck.

Mark Siebenschuh
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You can create a TC or UBE(Database Output) for creating a text file and use B34A1030 business function to launch a script file or Bat file in the end section.
Bath file is to do FTP.

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