Export PRJ in E812 and import it on E91


Hi all, when I export (with Save) some objects from a project in E812 release I get a Zip File. When I Try to import the Project (Restore) in E91 release I get an error. Somone have experience about saving objects in E812 end restoring in E91? In E91 Save file in .PAR format instead than .ZIP of E812.
Thanks in advance

In order to move between release levels you need a tool like Boomerang from Everest Software. I have used this before and it works very well.
Hi Alessio,
this kind of export is not supported but may works (depend from TR level).

You can try this:

1)On your fat client upgrade the system to the latest TR available for E812.
2)Export the objects (try one object at time)
3)Import on 9.1

I was able to move objects between 8.10 and 9.1; only DD failed.

Best regards.

Bruno Condemi