Expense projects as Business Units


We are creating BU's for expense projects , as a result there are thousands of BU's , is there a way around it? This is being done so that budget can be allocated for expense projects. Is this the best practice, if not any idea how expense projects can be handled without creating a BU, maybe through sub-ledger or something ?
Depending on the size of the project you can just create a job costed work order and use that budget and track costs.
Besides using Russell's idea of job cost work orders, you might be on the right track with subledgers. You would need to decide what subledger type works best (UDC 00 ST). I have setup trade shows as mini projects where we used the subledger type "A" pointing to the address book. Trade shows were setup with a specific search type in the address book. Subledger type "C" can be used but be sure it is 8 or less in length. Subledger type X, Y, and Z (user defined) can be used as well. We were able to incorporate Sales flex accounting to capture both revenue and expense with subledgers.

There is nothing wrong with creating BUs for each expense project. This is how job cost works. You might want to look at using job cost (even w/o work orders). You can do much more in the way of tracking cost.

Bottom line, you will need to gather all your requirements and determine what works best.