Excel export not working for one program


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Hello Everyone,

I have come accross an odd situation. We have one custom program that will not export to Excel and only from the Production environment. Choosing the export to Excel option in DV and PY environments for the program works just fine but when you try to do it in Production the Processing message shows up for a split second in the top right and that's it. Exporting to CSV works fine. This happens for everyone, so it's not just isolated to one computer or person. I compared my INI settings between the instances and there is nothing that is of noticable difference that would cause this from what I can see. Anyone else run into this?

Thank you.
This _sounds_ like a browser issue with the ActiveX control - but you're stating it happens on lots of browsers. Definitely make sure you delete all your browsers' cache and cookies before trying this. Also check the JAS logs - make sure that your production build isn't missing anything.

You're signature is 8.12 tools release with OAS - is this the version you're using ?
Any *PUBLIC grid format for the application in PD ( That is not there in DV or PY). If yes , try deleting the format and try ?