E9.2 Event Specification Key for APPLications/Forms

Dear Forum Members,

Working on a large Enterprise One Software Product -having several Tables containing over 300 Columns and a lot of Setup Applications-, I created an Application to create a Retrieval Data Structure and Business Function on any Table registered in F9860. The process creates the required PAR-files (XML Paths and XML contents) for importing the Data Structure and Business Function in OMW. All Event Specification Keys are being created using the BSFN Method AppendBsFnToArray (B9800010).

The next step was to optimize the look, feel and usage of creating the Setup Applications so these will all behave similar.

In the process designed for this the same BSFN Method is being used in creating the Event Specification Key. However, when importing the PAR-files OMW crashes.

Does anybody know how to create (which API/BSFN Method/other solution) the Event Specification Key required?