Evaluated Receipts Issue -


Good morning list,

This is my first post (and I tried to do some searching first, so I apologize if this question hasn't been answered before).
I'm having an issue with the ERS process.

Here's what my steps are so far.

Change the supplier master ER flag to "Y" for vendor X.
Create PO for X with items on it.
Push PO through to be ready to receive.
Receive against PO using P4312
Move items from TRAN to STK in P42350

At this time, ER code in F4311, F43121 are both Y.

Once I run R43800, it changes to I, and the order is nowhere to be found on the R470412 output.
Checking the ER code in the F470412 still shows I .

What am I missing here? Is there an additional step once I've performed the P42350 action?

Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply.
It appears to be a copy of the original JDE version:

EDI Successfully processed (EDSP) not equal to "Y"
Evaluated Receipts Settlement equal to "Y"
Company equal to company.