Evaluated Receipts is not creating voucher??

Fred Ransom

I have activated ER for the vendor, done the setup for R43800 and R470412. R43800 is reading the F43121 file and creating the F47041, F47042 and f47044 records. R470412 is reading these files as I do get output from the batch run but the report errors out and does not create a voucher. What am I missing?
This is Fred. Just heard from the developer. There is code in the R470412 that includes an Edit Line looking for an AP AAI with a PC prefix. There is a tab in the Supplier Master called GL Distribution which should be populated with the suffix for the PC prefix. Assuming this suffix is 1234; then go to AP AAI 4.02 and create an AAI with Item No. PC1234 and enter the account number to be used for the receipt settlement. None of this is in the documentation for Evaluated Receipts. The program is now doing exactly what it is designed to do: post the receipt to an account set up for a specific vendor.