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This message from JD Edwards warns of the Euro currency conversion deadline.
I have seen very little on this forum regarding your Euro conversion
Keep us informed!
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========= Message from JD Edwards is below ====================
Dear Valued Customer:
It has been over two years since the euro became irrevocably fixed to the
currencies of 11 Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) member states. In that
time, companies throughout the world have made the transition to the new
European common currency. By the end of this year, companies in 11 of the 12
EMU member states must have converted their base currencies to the euro.
(Greece has until 28 February 2002 to convert.)

With the euro deadline fast approaching, we are concerned that many of our
customers are not planning adequately for the euro conversion, while others
are not even aware that the euro impacts them. Please take a few minutes to
review the questions and answers below. They are intended to help you
determine what impact the euro has on your company.

Does your company need to convert to the euro? It is common knowledge that
the euro impacts companies in EMU member states, but what is often
overlooked is its impact outside of the EMU. Companies outside of the EMU
that have subsidiaries in one of the EMU member states may have to convert
the base currencies of their subsidiaries to the euro. A Canadian or U.K.
company with several branch offices throughout the world, for example, must
ensure that the base currencies of its French and Belgian subsidiaries are
converted from French and Belgian francs to the euro. The euro reaches far
beyond Europe and potentially impacts companies all over of the world.

Does your company have a euro conversion strategy? A well-planned strategy
is essential to the success of your euro conversion. The euro conversion
requires a company-wide effort by application and system administrators as
well as managers and auditors before, during, and after the conversion.

Depending on the size of a company's database, the euro conversion process
can take many months to complete. It is crucial that you allot the necessary
time and resources to ensure the success of the euro conversion. With the
deadline to convert to the euro less than a year away, your company should
already have a strategy in place and be working on the pre-conversion tasks
that must be completed before the actual conversion.

What are the software prerequisites for the euro conversion? The software
prerequisites for the euro conversion are as follows:

For WorldSoftware, one of the following:

* Release A7.3 CU 9 at a minimum (CU 10 or above is strongly recommended)
and the PTF for E9

* Release A8.1 CU2 (or above) and the PTF for E9

The cumulative updates (CUs) contain new currency functionality and E9
contains the euro conversion tools.

For OneWorld, one of the following:

* Release B73.3.1 and the ASU for B73.3.1EURO

* Release B73.3.1 and the ASU for B73.3.2EURO

* OneWorld Xe

Companies with coexistence must be on WorldSoftware A7.3 CU9 and OneWorld
B73.3.1, at a minimum.

Take the time now to ensure that your software is at the appropriate release
level. If you need to upgrade your software, contact your J.D. Edwards
upgrade coordinator. Depending on your release, you may be required to apply
paper fixes, program temporary fixes (PTFs), PC copies (PCCPYs), ASUs, or
electronic software updates (ESUs). For detailed information about the euro
software prerequisites, visit the Euro Base Currency Conversion site on the
Knowledge Garden. (The path is \Euro Base Currency Conversion\Development\
Software Prerequisites.)

Who can help you with the euro conversion? It is each company's obligation
to ensure that it is euro compliant and adheres to the regulations of its
governing state. J.D. Edwards has the software and resources to assist you
throughout the euro conversion.

J.D. Edwards engagement (client) managers and local business partners can
provide consulting services to help companies with the euro conversion. If
you would like a consultant on site to help guide you through the conversion
process, contact your engagement manager or business partner immediately. We
have hundreds of clients converting to the euro this year, so our resources
will be in high demand.

In addition to our consulting services, we provide application and technical
support through Global Support Services. Our consultants are available to
answer questions relating to the euro conversion process and provide
troubleshooting guidelines to assist you in resolving your database issues.

Finally, J.D. Edwards also has resources dedicated to keeping you up-to-date
with the latest information about the euro conversion on the Knowledge
Garden. The site, which can be accessed from your Knowledge Garden home
page, is called Euro Base Currency Conversion. We encourage you to visit
this site often.

The euro deadline is fast approaching. If you have questions about the euro,
please contact your J.D. Edwards engagement manager or business partner.


Idella Kercher

Vice President, Office of Customer Advocacy