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Euro Conversion


We've just successfully converted our Eurozone Companies in France, Eire, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg to have Euro as base Currency.

I'm willing to share our experiences if anyone's interested.



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thanks for the offer; presumably you covered AP and/or AR.

Two immediate questions: did you have any decimal or rounding issues with BEF (my client is using ITL) and did you encounter any difficulties or idiosyncrasies with the integrity reports ?

All guidance would be gratefully received.

Best Regards.


We had rounding issues with ALL currencies, BEF wasn't better or worse than
the others. We're still seeing batches posting oob in AP. It's the one real
issue we've come across.

I'd forgotten that the Prior Year figures on P097001 are actually from APYC
so that took a little time to figure out. If you use the Plan Comptable
anywhere then you'll see the same issue. We used Worldwriter as a 'cure' for
6 cents of roundings.

We chose not to run the integrity reports with updates. The net effect on
our AP and AR to GL was buttons, so I wasn't of a mind to run them. A few
cents difference between AR and GL simply isn't material. Of course this
means that the batches posted oob integrity is much bigger, but so what?