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Euro Conversion

Hi list,

has anyone out there been involved in a Euro Conversion project yet ?

Looking at the KG stuff, there are several unanswered questions
concerning the implications of having unprocessed transactions in the
batch files and also whether the annual close is performed for a company
or not. It is also unclear whether the various Euro-related SARs
actually change the integrity reports so that they function differently
from before.

If anybody could give an indication of the timescales for each stage of
the overall process (pre-conversion, integrities, conversion etc) and/or
advise on any special pitfalls to avoid, this would be much appreciated.




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I have been involved in quite a few E9 projects and each one has been different.

What modules are you yo using and how much data do you want converting?

Most unposted batches are not a problem but some are!

Timescales depend very much on what you have and how your integrities are now. Basically the conversion will convert what you have now but once converted any existing integrity issues will not be resolvable.

Good Luck!!


V7.3 CUM11 ish

thanks for your reply - sorry for the delay but I've only just returned
from holiday.

We are only talking GL, AP and AR here, for two fairly small companies
(I could give database file sizes if required).

I am interested in your comments about different "sorts" of batches and
potentially irresolvable integrity issues. Can you elaborate on this ?


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