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There are two ways to tell if an ESU has been applied....

1. The easy way (before JD5550)
-fiddle around with the following apps:p98700, P98881, P98401
-these apps are self explanitory when you get into them and hit find

2. The easy way (after JD5550)
-follow the instructions or download the screen cams for video

3. The not so easy way
-open up the APP, BSFN, UBE, etc.
-search for the SAR number. SAR are usually commented in somewhere
in the event rules
-This way is the guaranted way to see EXACTLY if and where a SAR was
applied but due to the amount of work involved I use option #2 (I
installed JD5550-the ESU installation enhancement)


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS