ESU Update pkg install problems


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I have applied quite a few ESUs over the past 4 months and am experiencing a few problems.

1. When I install and build the update ESU package I change the default parent package to our current parent package; it seems as though the current package defaults back to the original which is not correct. However, deploy of the ESU is very successful. Meaning the ESU takes effect in the environment. I believe you have to build your own update pkg in this case. I did not have to do this before.

2. When I go in to install the package on a workstation I cannot find the update pkg on the install list and only happens in DV; even though the packages were successfully built and deployed at one point and also installed on a few workstations. So, all the previously built pkgs are not seen in this list. As i said only happens in DV but i can see all the pkgs for PY and PD.

3. In PY and PD I have to build a full package for the ESU to take effect; even though all the install reports have no errors and the update build is also successful but the deploy reports in PD and PY state that the package has been previously deployed and as a results the ESU does not take effect in the environment. However, full build in PY and PD resolves this issue but sure is time consuming.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
We are on OW XE with SP 23_K1 Update 7 and on DB2/400


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It is generally not a good practice to use the update packages delivered with the ESU. Mostly because the update packages all have the same name, even though they are for different environments.

On the Enterprise Server (AS/400, Windows, Unix ... it doesn't matter), all the update packages wind up going to the same directory, which means you've got 1 set of files for all environments, which I don't particularly like to do.

What I usually do is copy the package to a specific name, usually the name of the ESU followed by _##, where ## is DV, PY, or PD. That keeps each package build separate, and keeps the package definitions straight.

Hope this helps.