ESU stamp in OL

I have been informed that after applying an ESU it is possible to have a
record on the affected objects with a date and/or SAR number fields updated
in Object Librarian? Does anyone know how to do it?

So far after applying ESUs merged objects appear as if there's been no
change on them in OB.

HP9000 B7332 SP 11.3 Oracle8.1.5


Denis Plakhov

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If you want to see where an ESU was installed, when it was installed and
what objects it hit and when you have 2 options.

1. Before ESU Enhancement ASU.
-use P98700, P98881 or P98401 to inquire on the objects, path codes,

2. After ESU Enhancement ASU
-use the given tool set to inquire (JDE provides instructions)

When you apply an ESU Object librarian dates do not get updated, only when
you object transfer do these records get updated.


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS


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Hope this helps.