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ESU reapply


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Hello there
This is first time happened to me.

I have installed the small ESU JM14817 but the object on deployment server shows the old ESU number and date shows 02-02-2013. original date was 01-12-2012.

Just want to know how I can reapply ESU in Change Assistant again because once I try the ESU is getting Skipped.

Thanks in advanced


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You can do it 2 ways ...

1. Reset the status of the ESU in CA and then say apply. OR the more preferable method would be...

2. Go P96470 and Force merge the ESU. Some information on how to force merge an ESU is below (copy pasted from MOS).

How to Force Merge Objects - Changing Status of "Affected Objects" to be re-merged - P96470

Running spec merge manually will override the net change functionality because you are forcing the object(s) to merge.

If customer would like to re-merge and force the system to merge objects, follow these steps below. In other occasions, customers can also follow the steps below before the Software Update patch (ESU or ASU) has run, if they want to make sure all the objects that are part of the Software Update to be installed, will be merged by the R98700 UBE.

1 - Navigate to Software Update Menu (GH9612) and select Electronic Software Updates application (P96470 ZJDE0001);

2 - Select the relevant Software Update patch (ESU or ASU) (make sure the Software Update is selected and ticked) and click NEXT;

3 - In the [Environment Selection] screen where you have the backup selection, select the environment you need this Software Update installed , and go to "Row Menu" and select "Affected Objects";

4 - From this new screen, on the left Tab with the "Update Contents", select "Objects";

5 - From the "Form Menu" select "Advanced";

6 - And from the "Row Menu" select "Change Status";
The option "Change Status" enables you to change the status of the object individually.
You will be able to highlight and change status one by one for all the objects which you have in the column "Install Status", the value of "0" (Not Selected); and note that this column is directly connected with the column "Object Install Flag" in UBE R96701 and objects with status "Not Applied". When you change the status, the column "Install Status" will be now flagged to "1" (Marked for Selection); and the Software Update install engine will know that there are objects to be re-merged and will launch Spec Merge UBE R98700 as next step;
NOTE : You can also to force ALL objects in a Software Update to merge. In this case, you can select under the "Form Menu" , option "Force Merge

Hope this helps.


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Ha ! I just went through this recently with a client - and got oracle involved and everything !

(btw - sorry Soumen, you and I must have posted at the same time with the same info ! But heres my version of it anyway !)

Heres what you need to do !

1. Log into your planner environment on the deployment server
2. Open application P96470 - "Work with Software Updates"
3. Click "Form / Remove Updates"
4. Look for the ESU you wish to remove - you can remove multiple using the shift key. Make sure that "Remove History and Files" is checked
5. Now go back to change assistant, and reinstall the ESU.

Now, if you have an issue with a single ESU - where the objects aren't correctly installing, then its likely you want to force the ESU to install the objects. To do this, you have to go through the following steps :

1. Manually download the ESU in Change Assistant/Browser
2. From Windows Explorer, double-click the ESU to apply the ESU to your pathcode
3. Log into JDEPLAN Planner Environment on your deployment server
4. Open Application P96470 - "Work with Software Updates"
5. Look for the ESU you want to "force" to install and double click it. Click "Next"
6. Choose just ONE pathcode you want to install the ESU to by double-clicking the pathcode (to get the "tick"). Make sure "Backup" is unchecked. DO NOT CLICK OK !
7. Click on "Row / Affected Objects"
8. Click on "Form / Advanced"
9. Click on "Form / Force Merge" - click "OK"
10. Click "Find" - the objects for the ESU should be blue now. Click "Close"
12. Click "Next" - and the ESU should install to that one pathcode. To do multiple pathcodes, you have to step through each of the above steps manually (sorry ! Thats how the program works :( )

Hope that helps ! Good luck !
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Thanks Soumen
It helped, I was able to merge and deploy object which was merged.

Questions if you know the answer or anyone else.
1. Why the object was not updated in the first place? I have to do in all environments as I will be apply ESU after testing in PY and PD. is there a way I don't need to do that for other environments?
2. The object status was already has the install status = 1 and I change status to 2 then 1 but UBE was not launching then I did force merge from form exit and go back and it did ran the UBE ? is force merge is ok?



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Thanks Jon

As mentioned above I found that the UBE was not launching so I have to play around with screen and end up doing the force merge, still UBE did not launch until I went back and click ok.

I don't know we can somehow avoid this happen in future. Also my install flag was set to 1. I applied same ESU in PY and I have to go through same step again as it skips. I don't know if force merge is good or not.

Thanks both for quick response!


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I still get this error I guess Oracle misguided me to install the ESU it may be something else.

Is any of you have seen invalid row 25 error? it happens when user modify value. if I do "scroll to end" and modify then no errors. see screen shot.