ESU application problems


I have been having problems applying ESU's JD11871 and JD5400. I run the UBE R98700 and the Acrobat Reader appears with "Objects Affected = 0", "Successes = 0", the report has a return code of 0 for everything else after that too. It seems like it is not connecting to the data source. We are currently running B7332, SP 15.1. We did a restore of our servers to another location, but the server names remained the same. The registry was not restored during the restore, but I have since then exported in the "install" directory under "JD Edwards" file under "local machine" onto the Deployment Server, which contains the ESU records. Also, the Internet Code Change in the ODBC had disappeared, so I re-added it under the System DSN tab. I have been doing everything the same as I did before the restore to apply ESU's, I change the ODBC to point to the ESU mdb file, I log into JDEPLAN environment on the deployment server and then run the R98700. It runs for 1-2 minutes and then comes back with the Acrobat Reader saying that 0 objects were affected, but it doesn't give any error messages. If anyone knows what could be causing this, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.


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A number of setup issues could cause this situation.

When you apply the ESU, have a good look at the jde.log. It will probably have a message that indicates that it cannot open a TAM file. If you see this message in the log, the message will show where it is looking for the TAM file. Verify that this path is correct. If it isn't, then look to your pathcode master (F00942) to make sure that you spec paths are setup correctly.

In any event, the jde.log should give you a clue as to what is going on.

Good luck.