Estimate time for vanilla installation of JDE 9.2


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Would you please give me some idea how much time will take to install JDE 9.2 on windows server. Including OS, database. DV,PY and prod everything would be in same box. I am not CNC guy. Wanted to have some idea, my office is considering to install it.

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If the person has done this before, you could feasibly get this done in 2 days (may be 3?). You need at least 3 servers (deployment, web, enterprise).


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PS: My estimate is based on a pristine install (no upgrade, spec merge, custom objects etc.) with just pristine data for all 3 environments. We got our instance up and running in 2 days (does not include setting up OS, pre-reqs, etc.).


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For an experienced CNC implementation specialist (note, NOT a CNC Administrator NOR someone who hasn't any CNC experience) Its usually 3 days for a full installation including a single deployment server, enterprise server and weblogic server. Add another 2-3 days to get FixCurrent and a full package.

For someone with no knowledge of CNC - well, it really all depends. I'd guess if you had NO help and you were blundering through with just documentation and no training - you might be lucky and get it installed in 3-4 weeks.

I guess anyone can perform brain surgery too, without being qualified. Or fly an aircraft. Or climb everest. If you stay at a Holiday Inn Express beforehand, I'd guess you might have an even better chance of succeeding at anything !
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I agree with the 3 day estimate. However, if you have to learn about new Oracle 12c database requirements with 9.2, then add some time.