Error While Debugging BSFN


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Hi Forum,

I'm Trying to Use a BSFN Called CALCULATE BEGIN DATE
OF PERIOD (N1700090).
which is suppose to give the Begining Date of
Particular Bucket Period as well as End Date for

that Bucket period.
I'm giving the following inputs to the BSFN.
e)BeginDate Of FiscalYear.

But i didn't get any results from the BSFN.

I have set a breakpoint in that particular BSFN in
N1700090.c File in the

ParentDll(CCRIN) and tried to debug oexplore.exe
through VC++, it takes me to the OneWold sign on
screen then I get an Error "First Chance Exception
Error in Oexplore.exe:Invalid Handle " and

sometimes with the NTDLL error.

I've done almost all the settings as given in the Help
Document.In Project Settings the category i selected
Additional DLLs and selected the CCRIN.DLL.

Can anyone suggest me how should i proceed with the
debugging the BSFN and the reason for the above

Thanx in Advance

OneWorld Xe.

Windows 2000.

Hi R.M.,
I am enclosing the invocation of BSFN you have mentioned below. It works
quite nice. Regards.
darek zdanowski

0007 Calculate Begin Date of Period
PO PeriodNo -> mnPeriodNo
"1" -> cRetrieveF0008Records
PO szFiscalPatternCompany -> szCompany
VA evt_Century -> mnCentury
PO FiscalYear -> mnFiscalYear1
RV Date From <- jdPeriodBeginDate
RV Date - Year <- jdBeginDateOfFiscalYear
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod1EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod2EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod3EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod4EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod5EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod6EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod7EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod8EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod9EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod10EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod11EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod12EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod13EndDate
UNDEFINED X jdPeriod14EndDate
"1" -> cSuppressErrorMessage
UNDEFINED X szErrorMessageID
VA evt_jdDateThu <- jdPeriodEndDate

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Hi Ramachandran.M,

I don't know the compile option that you are using, but make sure in Busbuild that "you are not using debug mode" instead use optimize with the "debug info" option checked. The "Debug Info" check is in the build menu inside busbuild.

Give me some news about your debug session after this test

Christian Audet
Montreal, Canada

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