N/A Error when uploading data into grid


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I am trying to upload .csv file into a custom headerless/detail grid. Asset number (NUMB) is one of the columns. There is always an error on the first asset number on the first grid row. The error is invalid data dictionary value. The asset number is correct. If I import the same asset number into 2nd grid row, there is no error.

If I go and type in the asset number in the 1st grid row, the error disappears.

I am using IE 11. It also happens if I do a copy and paste.

Does anyone know of a possible solution?


If you haven't already, check the asset number in the .csv file with a text editor to ensure there are no additional, unprintable characters after the asset number. This would result in an error on the import and the copy/paste, but not when you type in the visible number.


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I checked the asset number in the .csv file with a text editor. It looked okay.
The copy/paste works, just not the import from .csv.
The users usually copy and paste and avoid importing from .csv. That's okay by me.