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Error when Saving Composite pages and Grid Formats in Tools Release 9.2


Reputable Poster
We upgraded our tools only from to in DV only. We are facing this issue while creating pages using Page composer and also while trying to save Grid Formats.

Failed to Insert/Update record CAUSE . . . . . . .The OMW Function Failed to Insert or Update a record to the F9860W or F9861W Tables. RESOLUTION. . Please review the logs for further information.

I have checked MOS and found this Doc ID 2103103.1 and the solution is to change the data Type of DD item OID and UID. I have also listed the list of tables that would need to be backed up and generated after the DD changes.

My biggest concern is regarding the tables F989998 and F989999 or any other table that is being used by other environments (PD and PY in my case) which are still on Tools release. Will there be any issue if I go ahead make these DD changes? Our Data Dictionary is shared across all environments.

Has anyone performed a similar activity after TR upgrade?


TR (PY and PD)
iSeries V7R1
WebSphere 8.5/WebLogic 12.1.3


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We are still on TR (apps 9.1), and in our DD, OID is data type 2 (string) and size 50. UID is data type 2 and size 20. So it sounds like the Doc ID is having you restore these back to their original values. I'm not sure if any of the affected tables listed in the Doc. ID 2103103.1 were actually changed, but I'd check them all very carefully.


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Thanks for the reponse Don. We pulled the trigger this weekend after taking backup of all effected tables. We seem to be good so far since morning. We are also able to save the composite pages and grid formats in the newer tools now.