Error When Installing UPK Developer & Server Client


We are attempting to install UPK Developer and Server with database on a different machine. We are using Windows authentication throughout the process. When the install is running, when it gets to the point of what appears to be it writing content to the library it errors out with the error below:

Test: GetLibraryInfo (without authentication) failed
Error message: System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]
Login failed for user 'CHGO.PAT.COM\UPKTRAINING$'.

'UPKTRAINING' is the name of our server. It appears that the UPK install code is looking for a log in of some kind and not finding it or it is not authenticating.

We have created the user UPKTRAINING on the server where the install is being done as well as within SQL.
The user UPKTRAINING as well as the person doing the install both have full admin privileges on the machine as well as within the SQL database.
We have tried using 'sa' instead of Windows authentication and this does not help.

Has anyone run into this error and if so, how did it resolve? Does anyone know what could trigger this error? We are wondering if it might be some sort of IIS permissions issue, but have not yet had an opportunity to sit down and troubleshoot from that angle.