Error Stopping JDE Queue Services - Logic Server Problem


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Hello List!

We are a 3 Tier shop: AS/400 Enterprise Server (V4R5), NT Logic Server
(Win2k SP1), Windows Terminal Servers and many fat clients. We also have 2
legacy AS/400's that we currently test with. When we submit a job to the NT
Logic server, (such as R0006P, it works fine, but when we submit a job that
needs to populate tables on a legacy 400 we get: "JDB9900247 - Failed to
find F98611 [AS400NAME] in cache". ODBC's are set up on the logic server
exactly like a client workstation....and yes, the job works fine on a client
workstation. (they happen to be monster UBE's that tie up developer's
workstations and that's why we implemented the logic server)

I noticed when I stop the JDE Queue Services on the logic server, the logs
spit this out::

824/168 Thu Mar 22 14:48:26 2001 JDB_CTL4401
JDB4200003 - OPEN TABLE NOT CLOSED = F986111

824/168 Thu Mar 22 14:48:26 2001 JDB_RQ14129
JDB3700001 - Failed to validate Request handle

Any advice on what to do here would be a huge help!


Ben Klahm
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Murphy-Hoffman Company
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