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Error: Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow


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Error: Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow

I am getting the below error while posting the batch. I am not aware of this very much.
Can some one please help me to get the resolution, Cause of error is given in workcenter. I just need to know where we have to correct it.

Subject : Error: Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow
CAUSE . . . . The posting edit code does not allow transactions to be posted
to this account. Valid codes include:
Blank - all postings are allowed.
'N' - the Account or Business Unit does not allow posting.
'B' - only budgets may be entered for an account.
'S' or 'L' - a subledger and type must be entered for all transactions.
'X' - a subledger and type are not allowed for any transactions.
'I' - the account is inactive, posting is not allowed.
'U' - units are required for all transactions.
'M' - only machine generated transactions are allowed for this account.
The posting edit code is defined for business units in the Business Unit Master
file (F0006) using Single Business Unit Revisions or Job Master Setup. The
posting edit is defined for accounts in the Account Master file (F0901)
using G/L Account Structure programs and Job Cost Basic/Speed Budget Setup.

Versuion Xe SP23


Re: Error: Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow

Hi kamruzzaman,
It's very clearly that you should check all of the account master involved with the voucher by P0901 and make sure the post edit code of the account masters are not belonging to "N" "I".


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Re: Error: Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow


The account posting edit code or the business unit posting edit code is stoping the post. You will have to change at least one of the posting edit codes or use a different account.

To check/change the posting edit codes:

For Account: Use P0901, find the account and check/correct the Post Edit Code (column title PE).

For Business Unit: Use P0006, find the business unit and check/correct the Posting Edit - Business Unit (column title PE).


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Re: Error: Posting Edit Code Does Not Allow

If you do not know which account/line in the batch is causing the issue, you can turn on the error print in the processing options of R09801. Then, mark the batch header as Approved and try to post the batch again. Access the Submitted Job for R09801, and the line in question will print on the report.

Then, as Peter said, you can check the P0006 and P0901 for that account, and change the Posting Edit code.