ERROR: Open Cursor for CACHE F04UI002 failed, in the Voucher Matc


After applying the two prerequisite ESU's 4605023 and 4605031 we have
started receiving this error in the Voucher Match application P4314. It
usually doesn't come up until someone has been using the application for
several hours on a WTS.

The details for this message are,
Error ID:078M
Description: Open Cursor for cache F04UI002 failed.
Source File: SPRDEUU336/CFIN/B0400047
Source Line: 3162

Has anyone experienced this or have any clue on how to correct this?

Thank you,

Tom Chmielewski
Flair Corp.
Ocala, Fl

B733.2, SP 11.3, AS/400, CITRIX WTS

Tom Chmielewski
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Flair Corp.
Ocala, Fl
We also had this error.But it was appeared only after 100 hundred pay items in PO to process.We eliminate this by applying ESU JD6462 for SAR 4380629.
But as I am not mistaken there is new SAR exist 4786813.ALso you can look at 4769167,4774966.

Support consultant
Robertson&Blums Corp.
Sergey Mishin

B733.2,SP 13.3, HP-Unix, Oracle