Error on JDEINST.log when taking Full package on Fat Client


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While taking a full package on a Fat Client I got a P98MOQUE error opening table, I checked ODBC for EnterpriseOne SSELocal and the server is (Local\JDESSELocal) - tested connection - ok. I also checked the ODBCDataSource.inf file on the Deployment server and the setting is the same. When I look at the JDEINST.log I can see the following message:

CDBServerInstance::Configure: Database cannot start even though the DB services could start. Check the DB configuration. Configure database failed.

Can anyone shed some light on this message and what I should be checking now. I also notice that when logging in I do not see the usual Connecting to Business Data and Control Tables message.

Fat Client is Win200 SP3 and JDE is 8.12