Error Messages on Object Copy


Hi All,

I'm working in B7333 Xe on Windows NT and SQL 7.0.

I've experienced a number of possibly related System Admin. type problems, which are undiagnosed at this time.

1. When a user checks out a version of a report to change the data selection, and then checks it back in, the report version token seems to stay in the user's default project. Then, when another user wants to check the object out, they can't, because the token is held by another user. This doesn't seem right...I have been going the user that has the token and removing the object from their open folder. I suppose their must be an easier way for the original user to release the token or the new user to get the token, without having to queue up for it.

2. Row Spec report files become corrupt. This is not a new problem. I've seen this happen since B7.3.2 and I guess the Reprt Design Aid tool has become substantially more stable since then, but every once in a while, when you're working in RDA in Development -- poof, you've got a garbage report. Again, I've only ever had this problem with Row Spec reports. The symptoms could be: no data output on detail rows, phantom rows printing that can't be seen inside RDA, hyroglyphics in report or column headings, zero-row suppression not working, etc. Only "solution" once this happens to to begin redesign of report from scratch.

3. Copying UBE versions doesn't work. Get an error like, handle not passed in. Adding a new version works fine.

4. Trying to copy a report object in OMW. After checking out report, highlighting, and clicking copy -- get following two error messages:

Error: Parameter Handle not passed in
CAUSE….A handle to a parameter object is either NULL or invalid has been passed in.
RESOLUTION…The business function data structure indicates that there is a parameter object to be retrieved from the system. However, the pointer to this object was not successfully retrieved from the passed in handle. There could be a problem with the system or with the application passed in an invalid handle index.

Error: Handle to object not passed in
CAUSE…The handle to the object that you were attempting to call the method, 1, an is not valid or is NULL
RESOLUTION..The may be due to previous errors that caused the creation of this object to fail. Either this happened or the handle to this object is not being passed in from the calling application.

TIA for any suggestions.


Ian Smith


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About Batch Version and token:
If the other user do not want to change the version and check-in again, only want to use it then a solution could be to "Get" it in OMW.
1.) Go to OMV.
2.) Search for the Object|Version
3.) Add it to the default project
4.) Press the Get button on the middle vertical tool bar (little hand icon)


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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On issue #1, I think they need to move the version to another project so you can promote it. In my experience, OMW doesn't allow object transfers (status change) from the default project.