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Error Installing UPK Developer Server & Client - 'GetLibraryInfo' login failing

We are installing UPK Developer Server and Client and running into the attached error message during the install.
UPK-TRAINING is the name of the server we are doing the install on. It's like it's trying to log in somewhere, but cannot find the needed credentials and so instead is populating the server name. We have done the following
1. The marked out area is the domain name. So it’s looking for ‘DOMAIN\SERVER$’.
2.Created a user UPK-TRAINING with admin rights on the UPK-TRAINING server.
3. Created a user UPK-TRAINING with full rights on the SQL database created during the install, then tried to run the install again and saying the scripts were already run.
4. Run the install using 'sa' credentials throughout (we started out using Windows authentication).

Could this error have something to do with the web component of the install, since that is where the library resides? IIS is one piece we have not yet looked at, but is next on our list.
Any assistance that can be provided is appreciated.
Thank you.


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