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ERROR in Importig package in Boomerang


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Hi ,
i have encountered this error while trying to import a Boomernag package from ERP 8.0 to ERP 8.10.The contents of the package are C BSFN ,PO and Reports.
the Error i s

Fatal ERROR : Failed to change configuration.



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Have you looked at the JDE.Log - to see what issue might be referenced within?

Alex will probably ping you - and ask a bunch more stuff.



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You can always send a request direct to Alex also. He is excellent about getting back with you. I used Boomerang extensively upgrading from 8.0 to 8.10. Only a couple of UBEs had issues; one where the BSFN was obsolete in 8.10 and another where the UBE simply would not come over. We simply recreated in 8.10. We proably had a 99% success rate. Good luck.


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Thanks everyone for contributing, this issue was quickly resolved yesterday:

> Hi Alex,
> The issue is resolved i think it is machine
> specific,since when tried on another machine
> works perfectly..... Will have to debug and see ...
> Thanx for the extended help and support.
> Thanx & Regards
> Jiju Paul