Error in B4200310.c - F4211 Edit Line add sales order


Hello all,

I'm new on JDE, and i try to create an oder using IBM Integration Bus using 3 JDE Adapter (BeginDoc, EditLine and EndDoc) and i'm getting 2 errors:

Error #1 DDItem:TEXTSUB ErrLevel:1 errorID:0 File:/OneWorld/Packages/DV900FJ/source/CSALES/b4200310.c line:29610

Error #2 DDItem:097O ErrLevel:1 errorID:0 File:/OneWorld/Packages/DV900FJ/source/CSALES/b4200311.c line:1219
Alpha Description: Error: AddSOEEditLineSharedDataCache process failed

I have already done java program that create an order by calling 3 BSFN (BeginDoc, EditLine and EndDoc) with the same params as my adapters and i dont get any error or warning.

I'm using JDE v9.0. Can you please help to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!