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ERP8 deamons do not start on HPUX


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Hi List,
I have been called to a client to fix a problem and I have no clue what´s going on.
The problem ist simple to discribe: RunOneWorld.sh does not start the processes. Only jdenet_n remains running, but no security server is being started and no queue either, nor does porttest run. The jdedebug logs are empty.
This call is open with R/L for two months now and we are still puzzled. Other consultants have spend many hours without success, now it´s my turn.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Gerd
Config: ERP8, SP21_F1, HP-UX 11.11, Oracle 9.2


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Do the other processes not start or do they start and then die? We had the latter situation and it turned out to be caused by a patch that the Unix Admins applied. I never knew the name of the patch, but check to see if there were any patches applied at the time the problem started.


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Thanks for the quick reply.
This instalation is coming from an upgrade. The server is new, never ran OW. We have pathes applied that were recomended by JDE. If you could somehow find the name of the patch you are mentioning it could be our solutiuon.
The processe die immedeately after coming up and leave no logs.
Thanks, Gerd


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two thoughts:

1. Do the Oracle logs (specifically listener or sqlnet) show anything?

2. Were the HPUX kernel parameters ever adjusted?

Good Luck,


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Thanks Larry.
There should be no problems with access to the database. We are having already 30 developers working on the system, without security server. Sqlplus works fine from the server.
Oracle is on the same machine.
The kernel parameters are about the same as the production machine that runs 1200 users.
Our machine 2 CPUs and 4 G of memory. Should be able to at least start the queues.
Thanks, Gerd


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Gerd, the Unix Admin who did this work is on Holiday for a couple of weeks and the other Admins don't remember what the offending patch is. They are going to send me a list of all of our current Unix patches and I'll forward it to you, should be later today. It will be more time consuming, but hopefully you can solve this by comparrison and process of elimination. Even though we are on XE instead of ERP8, I think this will be your best hope of solving this conundrum. Did you talk to JDE support about this? They may be able to tell you the specific patch... might be worth a try.


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Call JDE and ask for GSSTF-03-0531.
The tech flash covers: HP-UX 11.00 Linker Patch Conflict with OneWorld
I think this covers what you describe. Maybe it is unrelated.


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2 months downtime ?

omg !

Gerd - since JDENET_N is running - then it is certainly binding to TCP/IP - but if porttest is not running, you must have some database connectivity issues.

Upload the JDE.LOG for the processes - so we can look and recommend some options.


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Jon, it's not 2 months downtime, it's more like 2 months stuck with a
problem. My client upgraded B733.2 to Erp8. The new version is on a new HP
machine that runs HP-UX 11.11 . Ever since the upgrade was done the deamons
never started. I urgend my client to pressure JDE R/L to give a solution
since it's not a JDE.INI or RunOneWorld.sh issue, nor do we think it's a
database connections issue.
JDENET starts, but no others processes. All we get is jde and jdedebug logs
from the jdenet process, empty jdedebug logs for other processes and always
one core dump.

If my problem was databse connection I would expect to read a message in
that sense in o log file.

Let me ask you one question: is there any difference running SP21 with B7332
vs SP21 with ERP8 as far as the kernel processes are concerned? My client
wanted to copy his B733.2 version on the new machine and see if the services
come up with SP21. Would that make any differece at all? I think not!

Thanks, Gerd

B732 - ERP8, Unix, Windows, Oracle, SQL, WTS, JAS


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Re: RE: ERP8 deamons do not start on HPUX


I found this post to our change manangement system by our Unix system admin. I hope it helps.

JDE Support had a Tech Flash bulletin (see attached) that noted that the installation of patch PHSS_24267 on HP-UX 11.0 would cause OneWorld to not run, unless another patch, PHCO_25707, was installed. PHSS_24267 was part of the HP-UX Support Plus bundle we installed this past weekend. We installed PHCO_25707 and its dependency patches as a bundle this morning onto Findev, and OneWorld was then able to run.




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Re: RE: ERP8 deamons do not start on HPUX

Thanks Patty,
I have received this already from another lister and forwarded it to my client. I am pretty confident that the solution should be near with this information.
The problem is that the client has a patch applied that supersedes one of the mentioned patches. Their are still trying to figured what they have got and what not.

Thanks a lot, Gerd