ERP 8.0 on IE11 Tools Menu


We are still on EnterpriseOne 8.0 (until our long awaited upgrade next year) and we are testing JDE on IE11 (which runs multiple compatibility versions).

All functionality is working except the import/export from the tools menu.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? What is needed to get this working? Or does it not work?

Import/Export Issue in IE 11 (E810 version)

We are also facing issues on import/export to Excel Sheet (Grid Data) while using IE 11 and our JDE version is E810 (Tools Release 8.14). Please advice how we can fix it. (we are not planning to upgrade until next year)


You will need to use Internet Explorer with the appropriate active-x components installed.

The detail can be found inn JDEList (you'll have to search) and on My Oracle Support.
Also need to ensure you're running the 32-bit IE 11 - the active-x components are not supported on 64-bit IE 11.


Not sure if you found the solution already, but prior to upgrading late last year to E1 9.1 we had to make sure IE 11 was running in Enterprise mode to be able to use all of the browser functionality with E1 8.11 SP1