ER Validation in One World XE B7333 not working as expected


Hi All,

We are running OW XE B7333 and World soft A7.3 together on iseries.

Last week we encountered as issue with one of our XE custom applications P560010 made for working with sales discounts. This application has a number of data dictionary overrides that got corrupt alltogether (data dictionary overrides showing junk characters in the property screen) and the application stopped functioning. The worst part is that, the corrupt code has been carried over all the way to Production after a recent full package. I am surprised how did this happen. Ideally, the package build is supposed to validate the ER and show an error here. But for some reasons the build report did not.

On the other hand, our developers spotted the corrupt code and manually performed the ER validation via the FDA. This still did not show up the ER validation failure (neither the warning nor the error) even when the corrupt code still exists.

I thought of just opening up this topic so that you guys out there can share your similar experiences and fixes if any.

PS: Oracle is going to be of no help here, since B7333 has been ages out of support.

Thank you in advance.


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sounds like a data dictionary item was changed and the procedure to handle a dd change was not implemented.