Equipement message log (P1205 ) problems

Hi everyone!

I have some problems using the "Equipement Message Log"
(P1205)application. The problem is when I'm in the first screen and I'm
trying to do a search on the Equipement number, it works the first time, and
when I retry it with another Equipement number it seems to keep the old
value and always do the same search.

I've found a SAR for this but it doesn't do the job... it creates more
problem... (SARS 3022352 & 4080651)

If someone have a clue...Thanks in advance!!

Laurence Bellemare-Pelletier
Aliance Forests Products inc.


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Which release, SP and platform are you on?

When I created the program for B73.1, it was fine. Although there has been more work done on it after I left.

Has response line been able to duplicate the problem?


C Ho
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Xe SP 15.1, update1
AS/400 V4R5 coexistant
CO on SQL 7.0 SP2 + hotfix