I was wondering if people here are using the production environment as a reporting enviorment. IT is looking into using a copy of production (delayed 10 seconds) and have us use this environment to run reports off. Is anyone else using this type of setup?
I would like to know also how many environments you have to work with. ie dev,PY,Sandbox,training, and producion.

If you could answer with YES/NO - 5 this would be a short response.



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We have 4 environments
DV pathcode: DV, HR
PY pathcode: PY
PD pathcode: PD

This 10 second delayed plan is insane, by the way. There are so many issues with this, I can't even type them out. Entire transactions might be different between 10 seconds. Your data warehouse "Copy of" should be copied at night, once a day unless you have really heavy duty requirements.


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Every environment except PD (production) is a test environment. We named the environment after a project we were running that was HR based, but its just another place to work.
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