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Hi list,

When we try data entry on sales orders after pushing the OK buttom we will
have one of the following:
1. The system keeps the header and all the details are lost (F42ii)
2. The header is lost (F4201) and the details are there
3. The system keeps the header and some records from the details are lost
and some others are in F42ii.

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Cosmas Caraconstantis
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Could be a ton of things...

If you are familiar with the debugger - the tool will allow you to follow every step of the process... get familiar with it! You will learn to like it, I am sure.

What is your JDE.LOG showing? Do you have debug turned on - what might be failing there?

Let us know... the logs are your friends, too.

Daniel Bohner
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I Have seen this problem when the Enterprise Server is running too
slow, or has a hanging process.

Maybe this could help.

Ronnet Patino
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Noritex - Panama