EnterpriseOne Security


Hi ,

Is it possible to have column security on a field that allows entry in one environment but is 'greyed out' in another ? , I always thought that security was across all environments. For example if you put 'BV' in fastpath in PY the PID box is available for entry , but if you do the same in PD the box is 'greyed out'


Hi LMcDee

What I do if we need this is copy the role and only grant it access to a certain environment. So I would have Role A with access to PD and Role B with access to PY. Then you can have slight changes to either one and only affect that environment. Of course, once you've done the original copy, you have to maintain both roles.

You have 2 choices. You either need 2 security tables - that may or may not be as hard as it sounds depending on your situation - or easier is to enable roles for particular environments as per Dave's reply. If you do this try to keep things simple. Creating reporting over environment access isnt simple with complicated setups (as one of our programmers knows).