Enterpise Server

our customer uses rs6000 server and unix,ORACLE database.
We are trying to activate security server.
when we are trying to logon to the JDE OneWorld ith a diferent user ID and
password, the system gives an error message of=
"unable to locate security server".
Even we changed security section of JDE.INI , we took error message.
i am sending log files.

Kind Rgrds.

OneWorld Xe, RS6000, Oracle 8.1.7, SP15


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You have to have the security server listing matching on both the server
side JDE.INI and the client side. In addition I have found that you must
bounce services for this change to take affect. I think that should fix you.

Mark Siebenschuh

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/JDE XE/Lots of Citrix