Entering Vacation Balances For Employees


can any one till me how to save and edit vacation balances on the Employees? i am using JDE 9.1 i know how to setup a vacation type and vacation restrictions, also i know how to submit a vacation, however i cant seem to find the right field to enter employee vacation balance.
Typically, vacation balances accrue using an Accrual DBA that you set up with a Basis of Calculation based on the hours the employee works. This DBA is then entered into the Employee DBA Instructions (P050181) for each employee you want to grant the vacation accrual to (or it can be attached to a plan and enrolled through Benefits). Then, when payroll runs, it calculates the accrual due to the employee. However, if you wish to grant vacation at the beginning of employment or the beginning of the year, you may enter it via One Time Overrides, then run the payroll. This will override any monthly accrual and will grant the override amount all at once.