Encoding definition in ERP 8.0


Hi,Can someone please let me know where encoding is defined in ERP 8.0? Thanks
And when you state "ERP 8.0" - I presume you're referring to OneWorld 8.0 - ie, B7334 - but as Frosty said, please explain what you mean by "encoding".
Hi ,Thanks for the reply ,I checked in jdelist and found in E9.1 version a record has to be created in P93081 with values (for eg CP 1252) for flat file import ,I would like to know how the same is defined in ERP 8.0 (B7334) as the application P93081 not exists in ERP 8.0.

I don't have access to any B7334 installs to find where/how UNICODE ENCODING is set up.
I'm hoping that someone else here does, and that they can answer your question.
The P93081 doesn't exist in Xe. This is "OSA" - Output Stream Access - which was introduced (I believe) either 8.11 or maybe even 8.12

Prior to that (ie, in Xe - which is the version you're referring to), the only output that was possible was ASCII in CSV format or PDF. Hence you then needed to utilize an output partner (optio/jetdirect/formscape) to then pick up the PDF and perform bitmap processing.

If you have a customer on B7334, then they need to upgrade. That software is ~ 15 years old.