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Enable Use Logon Cookie : JDE Web display changed for all user.

Hi there!

So my company really wanted to get Cookie logon, so I enabled it via the Server manager, in the security configuration of Web logic.

That worked fine.

Sadly, there was a surprise.

After I did the change, and synchronized the config file with the server, the display of the web app changed.

it's like if the CSS changed for JDE.

Before, there was minimal space in a program between the label and the input box. Now both have a bigger width, like if the program want to take full width.

I will join a screen shot that compare the old display and the new one. (Top part is the new css, bottom part is the old css)

Is it a new change that wasnt on until I synchronized the config file? Is everyone like this now?

Is there an option to return to the old way?

Thank you!