Embedded JDE/BI Publisher - unable to burst xmlp report


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42 and use the BI Publisher embedded in JDE EnterpriseOne.

Just over a year ago, we implemented a process that emails out ACH remittances for the day to the recipients (payee). Essentially we created a process to reprint the ACH remittances for the payment batches for that day. The output (program name is R554572T) is defined in BI Publisher to be burst by remittance number and emailed using a data driven value (email address is output to the remittance document).

Once in place, this process has worked flawlessly until about a week ago. Our nightly job will run, submit a version of R554572T for each ACH payment batch for that day. Then BI (XML) Publisher will burst the document and email the individual remittances to the recipients email address.

However, last week this process began failing intermittently. Normally if you View RD Output for this version of R554572T for the submitted job, you will see the data rows for the resulting burst documents. Beginning last week we had several instances where there were no rows to view. The grid on P95630 is empty. Looking in the jde.log for the XML Publishers kernels, we will find the error 'Unable to burst xmlp report. Report code 6'. The jdedebug log is empty as we typically do not have it turned on in production.

What is odd is that it will work one day and fail the next. For example last week, we had two submissions on Monday (both failed), three on Tuesday (1 failed, 2 successful), three on Wednesday (all three successful), four on Thursday (all successful), three on Friday (all successful). This monday we resubmitted a batch job for the failed batches from the prior week and all worked.

We had inconsistent results when testing before going live a year ago, then implemented a recommended oracle solution. Defining a Temp directory on the Enterprise server and specifying that directory in the xdo.cfg file. Since then, this has never failed in production until last week.

This week also, monday and tuesday it failed 4 out of 6 times. Then we turned on jdedebug on all of our xml publisher kernels using JDE Server Manager for the Wednesday Thursday runs. They all worked without an issue. We were expecting them to fail and then have a more detail error message hopefully other than just the Unable to Burst message in the jde.log.

Has anyone else experienced similar intermittent results such as this. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. We will continue to have jdedebug turned on for the xml publishers kernels. I'm sure it will fail soon and we may have more info, but any ideas would be appreciated.
It's probably an XML data issue. The JDEDEBUG log is not going to help much because this issue is not a UBE issue. For BIP issues, you should be turning on the BIP log using XDODEBUG.CFG. Even then, it might not help because this is a bursting issue.

Since your setup works sometimes, it means that you've set up the bursting field (which is not really a field but a node with children) correctly. Assuming that is true, this is probably a data issue.

You should examine the XML data of the jobs that failed. They probably have instances where the email recipient field is null, blank, or has an invalid email address.