Emailing simple PDFS using Transform


Hi All,
We have a need to email untouched .pdfs and .csv files from JDE 9.2. We use OSA parser for more advanced processing, but for many of our projects we don't need this complexity. If we direct UBE to an OSA output, we need to amend layout of the report as Transform does change it (BT wasn't able to tell us why), moving sections, removing variables etc. We don't want to spend time and effort to amend 70+projects.

So we need a simpler vehicle to receive a .PDF or .CSV and email it "as is", with no changes. Is the print Q the way to go? Does anyone have an example/sample project how this should look like. We are using Transform 7.0. Thanks! Anita
Transform to email PDFs

We do this with Transform 7 and a print queue called EMAIL.
The user simply does a print to the EMAIL print queue.
The PDF is then sent to Transform branch.
In our process, we have a custom JDE table that lists the configured email addresses to receive the PDF for each UBE/version combination. If the UBE/version is not configured in the custom PDF, then then email is sent to the person that submitted the UBE to run.
The branch also checks the size of the PDF and will email a link to the PDF if the size is over 10mb. It will also check the PDF to see if a CSV was created (this CSV creation is custom to us not the standard JDE CSV creation process) and will email the CSV as well.
I can send you the branch if you like. Just give me an address to send it to.
Larry, Thank you! I sent you a private message with my email. This will be a great help. Thanks again. Anita.