emailing reports from JDE


I would like to email pdf reports as attachment to email
within One World. Please provide suggestions/ideas.



Hi.. I'm also looking for the same, but in my case, I need to send the pdf file back to the user who submitted the job automatically. Because this reports will be in batch mode, I don't users spending their time waiting for the reports. I want the system to tell the user when is ready.

I was thinking of Workflow but still in the first stage. If you have any idea regarding this it would be appreciate it.

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Iopia: Investigate the B0500190 business function. It uses the SMTP api. You need to populate the correct values and invoke it from your UBE. I tested in UNIX and NT and works well. You need to configure your server side INI mail parameters.

Condor: If you configure your INI's mail entries, and the users have their mail address in the Who's Who table, they will receive a notification mail automaticaly. The mail will be sigened as sender by the value you enter in the Rule3 entry of the MAIL paragraph of the server's ini.

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Good reply Miguel, B0500190 is a good tool. The missing piece of this puzzle for me though has been identifying the name/location of the UBE output file in order to include it as an attachment. Do you have a trick or method to accomplish this?

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