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Emailing completed UBE jobs CSV/PDF


All you need is JOBNBR and FULL_PATH where the attached file is located.
//GET THE JOBNUMBER for the UBE using above said Logic
//Lets say Retrieved rpt_ServerJobNumber
VA rpt_AttachFileName = concat("PATH",concat(rtrim(ReportName,' '),concat("_",concat(rtrim(VersionName,' '),concat("_",concat(rtrim([VA rpt_ServerJobNumber],' '),"_PDF"))))))
VA rpt_AttachDesc = concat(rtrim(ReportName," "),concat("_",concat(rtrim(versionname," "),".PDF" ) ) )
RV FileName = VA rpt_AttachFileName
If VA rpt_ServerJobNumber is greater than
Send E-Mail - HRM
"JDE_System@jdesource.com" -> szFrom
VA rpt_All_To_ID -> szTo
VA rpt_All_CC_ID -> szCC
VA rpt_Subject -> szSubject
VA rpt_MessageText -> szMessageTextChar256
"1" -> cIncludeAttachmentFlag01
VA rpt_AttachFileName -> szNameOfAttachmentFile
VA rpt_AttachDesc -> szAttachmentDisplayText
UNDEFINED -> cSendCopyOfEMailToSelfFlag01
UNDEFINED -> cSetOneWorldErrorFlag01
UNDEFINED -> cRecordOperInLogFileFlag01
UNDEFINED -> cAppenOrOverwriteLogFile01
UNDEFINED -> szNameOfLogFile
RV Variable 000006 <- mnErrorCodeReturned