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Email with Outlook and Work center


anyone had this issue?

Have an interesting issue that I can't resolve. We have configured external email with appropriate ini file settings, profile setups etc, as staff currently use outlook. We would like staff to be able to view their outlook emails, and send emails from OW to someone in outlook, and outlook to someone in OW etc so they can get and send messages no matter what application they are using, or have access to.

Currently we can view all our outlook folders etc in OW through the work center. However, when viewing messages we can see no text in the message body. We can only see the subject, and attachments. The exception to this is if we view the 'sent items' messages in OW or outlook, in which we actually can see the message body plus attachments and subject!

Another thing we tested, if we send an external message from OW, then check it in outlook, the message received in outlook will also have no message body... only subject and attachments if there are any.

Please help with this rather interesting problem ........ im guessing its some kind of MAPI, RTF conflict or something......

Jason Barber
Systems Administrator
Tasmania, Australia