Email to WO planner


Work order planner should receive an e-mail after related PO has been received. The is feature is activated by processing options of P4312/tab workflow. Has anyone seen this working?

Steps to test according to completed SAR 2583705:
1. Enter a planner number in the item/branch plant record
for an item/branch you will use for a work order and
purchase order.
2. Enter a work order for an item and branch/plant combo
used in step #1. In the routing (G0311) for the item and
branch/plant combo, set on the routing steps to have a
supplier, Cost Type of D1, and PO (Y/N) field as Y.
3. Run R31410 (G3111) with the work order number in the
data selection.
4. View the report and a purchase order number should
appear in the "routing" section.
5. Behind P4312, under the Workflow tab, put a "1" in the
Receipt e-mail field to e-mail the work order planner when
an item is received that is related to a work order.
5. Make sure the User Profile for the signon you are
using has the "address number" field the same address book
number as the planner keyed into the item/branch record.
6. Go to Employee Work Center (G02) and under "electronic
workbench" there should be an e-mail about the item being