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Email CC in BI Report Bursting


I am trying to send emails to multiple users of BI Report output through data driven.

How to put one email in TO field and remaining in CC?, now all are going in TO email.

Anyone please give me information how to put CC mail in BI Bursting.

Thank you,
Srinivas Kasturi


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JDE were planning on bringing out this change to the TR

Depends what you're release your on. I just used a distribution list and got it sent that way. all in the TO field for now


I recently had a similar requirement. As we cannot have a CC, I had to form a XML tag which contains multiple email addresses. This XML tag was then used for the TO address in the Data driven email.

The email addresses need to be separated by a COMMA and a SPACE and this has to done programmatically in the UBE.

Example of the resultant XML tag is as shown below

<BIP_DataDrivenEmail_ID11>email1@example.com, email2@example.com</BIP_DataDrivenEmail_ID11>


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I just had a thought...... :)

If the "first@email.address,second@email.address" works, then try this


?cc=second@email should, repeat should, construct that email address as CC as that's the correct cc syntax

Please try this and let us know the result
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Your suggestion intrigued me, so I tried it, but it sent my BI Publisher kernel to a zombie state. It was worth a try, though!


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Hi John,

I know it is probably too long since this post was being discussed. I am trying to send email to multiple TO address using distribution list method. But I get them all in separate email. Not sure what is going wrong here. Can you please let me know what you did in order to get them all in TO field.

My JDE version is 9.1. Thanks in advance..