Electronic Data Transfer


Hi List,

I want to preform partial completion electronically. I have an
MS-Access database that to uplaod the data from. Has anyone done this
already? Is there any third party software or any other applications
that can help out.

Thanks in advance!

One World B733 Cum 2 SP11.3
Windows NT SP6a
SQL 7.0 SP3


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Hi dGonthier,

we need more information from you to help you.
Please be specific about the transaction you want to perform. When you say "partial completion" are you referring to Work Order transactions or something else? There are lots of people here who have done this kind of stuff using OneWorld tools (not me) but you'll need to tempt them with more information in order to get some feedback ;)

Larry Jones
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HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
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