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Does anyone know how to set up electronic file transfers in JDE OW?
More specifically, does anyone know of documentation on how to set this up?

I need to take data from the F04572 table and send it to two European
One of the banks (Barclay's Bank) uses BACS processing.

Any help or point in the right direction would be helpful? I'm literally
starting at ground zero.


Windows 2000
SQL Server 2000

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When I had to solve the same problem I have made copy of R04572 to a
new name eg.: R55572 . Than I have added some new functionality to this
copy. It still produces the printout, but also generates on the workstations
hard drive the file in required format. Most of the information typically
required in bank interface are available in R04572 as the ReportVariables.
The biggest problem for me was to create new C bussiness function which
writes formated data to the disk file. The last action was to setup new
payment instrument using new report in G04411/P0417.
Darek Zdanowski

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Hi Kent,

If you have used the standard JDE processing for creating the bacs file, this
should reside in table F04572OW.

The first field in this file is the equivalent to the old member ID in world
software... which corresponds to the EFT transfer that you have just created...

If the program ID is P04572B, second field from memory then this corresponds to
standrard UK bacs format.

JDE have a program that can be found on menu G0413 Program number P0457 which
copies the relevant records to a PC text file...

The problem with this is the row exit button is not enabled... I have gone into
the event rules of this program and enabled the button which then calls up a
screen asking you where you would like the file created on your hard disk...

This is a standard text file which can then be loaded into a bacs software
package such as ALLBACS...

Let me know if you need any more help


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