Edit SO Lines in P42101 (P421002) using S421002C


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Hi, when you want to do some changes to so line after it has been processed by the DispatchNextView BSFN, you simply can call S421002C_SOLineViewController with the LINID of the Line to be updated and the nSalesOrderAction=3.

I had to read out data entered into Configurator (P3120) during processing RowExit of P421002, I copied it into a new created chache (New BSFN, CacheName is a String composition of the F4211 PK Fields, availiable in all Applications). After the DispatchNextView I read out and terminated my Cahce and updated the SOLine as described. (Hint: Action codes can be found in B4210900.h)

This seems to work, so it may be a help to others.
Perhaps there may be better Solutions, so I have the followig questions:

Does anybody has an idea how to access the SO Line driectly from P3120?
Does anybody know where to find documentation about these new BSFNs?

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Hi, I have a problem,
I'm editing in the Header P42101 the field MCU and then edit in the Detail Grid the field MCU too, and then "Submit & close" botom
The problem is in the f4211 , loses the relationship they have with original line N ° OGNO .